Vol 17, No 3 (1997)

Cover Page
Marie Harding, Mary O'Keefe, Bernie Hanaphy, Christine Brazil, Marie Byrne, Rosie Collins, Margaret Bolger, Betty Murphy, Anna Denison, Ann Smith - Lourdes Youth and Community Services Project, "Mantle of the Past," installation for the Irish Museum of Modern Art, 174 x 126 cm, November 1992. (From 'Unspoken Truths', Irish Museum of Modern Art, 1996) Photo: John Kellett

"We called our piece Mantle of the Past because of the great significance the Mantle had in the old tenement rooms of our childhood's. The Mantle cloth was the first thing you would see as you entered the room and everyone always took great pride in this. We could all remember seeing clothes hanging underneath as most people didn't have much money and had to wash their kids' clothes each evening for wear the next day. Whilst working on the project we all reminisced of old stories about some of the more memorable characters who lived and died in our area. The objects on top of the Mantle each symbolize different characters all of whom were women. Each symbol represents a different story, a tale...."